Plan Your Care

What is Plan Your Care?

Plan Your Care is a website designed to:

  • give you more control of your funding and care arrangements.
  • internet based tool for you to communicate with your Support Coordinator and arrange services.
  • step toward self-managing your supports without the responsibility of financial administration.


More choices

Plan Your Care enables you to make choices about your care based on your budget, costs of services and flexible service requirements by allowing you to:

  • request a service on line
  • see a snap shot of your budget and plan your future service provision
  • use a budget estimator calculator to plan for your future needs and see your funding across the year


Flexibility to fit your lifestyle

Plan Your Care allows flexibility.  It fits around your lifestyle, offering you an alternative way to communicate with your Support Coordinator.


Who is eligible for Plan Your Care?

People registered with LCHS Disability Services and have an allocated Disability Support Coordinator.

Plan Your Care requires you to have a funding package which is held by Latrobe Community Health Services.

If you are not sure whether you meet the eligibility criteria, please contact LCHS on 1800 242 696 to enquire further.

If you are interested in finding out more about the services offered by Disability Services, click here